When was the last time that all of your family members sat together and exchanged pleasantries or planned a forthcoming function at home? If we guess correctly, the ladies of the house did not participate because they were busy with the food. 

How will your growing children know about the very roots of our being - the various agricultural processes, farming and cow milking? Or that there is a rich, peaceful way of life out of the reach of mobile phones and emails? Will they ever know that milk doesn't grow in plastic sachets or vegetables in supermarket shelves? Where else can they see the thatch weaving of fallen coconut leaves as a live lesson of sustainability? 
Karpewadi exhibits all these fundamental objectives of Agro tourism at one place.This is the right choice to get your children a little away from their routine urban life, and learn more about Mother Nature's bountiful offerings.

Even family members otherwise busy with their routines have affirmed that Karpewadi, without the interference of the omnipresent media, offered them a peaceful and scenic place to interact one to one.

In fact, they thank us for the intermittent mobile coverage! (WIFI Provided) Karpewadi scores high as the perfect relaxation spot. The seashore, the hammocks, the cozy cottages, prompt yet unobtrusive service and wholesome local cuisine all contribute to make it so.

Come home to KarpeFarm. Come home to Nature.